Thursday, June 30, 2011

Securitron from Fallout Almost done!

Its all ready to be build. Just got to fix the texture. Add screen textures and fix a panel. All can be done in Photoshop and shouldn't take too long. I might be making a base for him so will take a little longer. At least the hard part is over. I also have a few parts that I have simplified a lot on a different pdo. Like his hands so that if u choose you can make very simple versions. Hard to explain unless u see it yourself. Also I duplicated the wheel, scaled it down just a little and made the texture grey. The reason is for just in case the wheel doesn't support the weight of everything else. Should be ready real soon!

Saturday, June 25, 2011

New Project - Securitron from Fallout New Vegas

Working on this right now and its coming along nicely. Arms and shoulders are done so far for the most part. Made 2 versions of the claw finger things. One version is simple and the other will be harder to build but look nicer. I tried working on this model months ago but that was when I only knew how to use SketchUp and didnt know much. There will be no red lines, really clean and I am simplifying this model but not so much that it wont have detail or anything. Will be making it so u can change the screen textures also sense there is different screens. Victor for example. Hope its something that people will like. I think I'll be making the Pipboy next finally. I understand how I can fix it now by merging parts of the mesh so will be really cool.

Friday, June 17, 2011

Hellraiser Puzzle Box Toy

First I would like to thank TomVDJ over at The RPF for the lament configuration panels. They were very high quality.
I have been a Hellraiser fan sense I was a little kid and even though there is some bad ones out there its still awesome to watch.The first Hellraiser is the best in my opinion.
Not sure if I got the panels to match exactly like the movie but if someone figures it out let me know. I tried my best to match it by going through the whole movie and taking screencaps of every frame with the box in it. Its not that big a deal to most people though. Made the texture in Photoshop and my Photoshop skills aren't the best so sorry if it doesn't meet your standards lol. Let me now what you think or if you need any help. No the lament box doesn't have moving parts. Just a box with textures but I might be making one with moving parts like in the movies.

Blender 2.5 Making a model low poly and baking textures onto it.

Might be better to watch right from youtube so u can watch in full screen.
A video tutorial on making your models have less polys so they are easier to build. Sometimes the textures will need some fixing so keep that in mind.
I didnt capture my mouse but you should be able to follow this tutorial fine. Sorry I got the new SnagIt and yup no curor showed for the video. Wont happen again.
I'm just learning all this so there may be a easier or better way of doing this tutorial. I made this to explain how I do it:)
The original model's parts all have to be joined together. In Object mode press "A" key and press Ctrl + J to join them all.
The model might get a error while trying to use the decimate modifier. Something like your model is a non-manifold or something. Make sure the model is a clean mess. Try to have no internal geometry, no 2 sided face(I think). Press Shift + Ctrl + Alt + M to see non-manifolds. Try and fix it if you can if thats the reason why the decimate isnt working.Try and merge if u can.
Most of all make sure to remove doubles.
You need to be in GLSL shading with a lamp when baking. As far as I know anyways.
Thats all I can think of for now.

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Mega Man 8x Coming Soon!

Its been a while sense I've updated anything on here. I've been learning a lot on how to 3D model and how to fix models for turning into papercrafts as well. I've learned so much that I can now get models out quicker,cleaner and better then ever before.
This is a Mega Man 8x model I got from SketchUp warehouse. I have made this model easier to build then what it would have been by lowering the poly count. So instead of having 2110 polys(faces) I have lowered it to 985. So a huge difference. Someone is going to test build this soon so when its done I'll put it on here.