Thursday, June 30, 2011

Securitron from Fallout Almost done!

Its all ready to be build. Just got to fix the texture. Add screen textures and fix a panel. All can be done in Photoshop and shouldn't take too long. I might be making a base for him so will take a little longer. At least the hard part is over. I also have a few parts that I have simplified a lot on a different pdo. Like his hands so that if u choose you can make very simple versions. Hard to explain unless u see it yourself. Also I duplicated the wheel, scaled it down just a little and made the texture grey. The reason is for just in case the wheel doesn't support the weight of everything else. Should be ready real soon!


  1. So glad to see it rached this stage. I was afraid, that it'd lack some details, but according the screenshot I'm surprised by the detailed look of that. You're even thinking about the buildability aspect, which is fantastic. Nothing less than GREAT piece of job done ^_^
    Fondly awaiting the day, when it'll be availible.

  2. I got all the screen textures and the clean version so there willl lots of version to choose from:) Got to fix texture some though and then unfold.