Tuesday, November 16, 2010

1989 Batmobile!! WIP

Got this model from a GTA SA mod. First I'de like to thank whoever made this model. Not sure who. Found out how to extract the model from the mod to edit and I have to do this. So the Kwiki E Mart is on hold. Something I've been wanting for a long time. A lot of fixing is still needed but I feel this is something I can do. Editing this in SketchUp for the most part. These renders I did in Blender. It was fun messing with the lighting and camera lol. I'll let anyone that wants to know how its going. Working on making it so the wheels spin as well. Unfortunately I won't be doing the inside of the model(seats,steering wheel,ect. At least not for the first version. I might though if this one turns out good and people like it.

Took some time and still have to do the back wheels but I will be making it so the wheels can turn. From the photo above I'm showing the bar I will be placing for the wheels.
Anyone have any suggestion or anything let me know.

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