Monday, October 25, 2010

More Fallout New Vegas soon!!!

UPDATE: Getting errors with the lunchbox .pdo for some weird reason. So no tester needed for this anymore. I'm sure I could redo this if anyone wants this. Contact me if so.


  1. I would love you to have another go at this. I'm planning a Fallout Cosplay and found your website and fell in love. Especially with you Pip boy. Even if you don't remake this is there a chance I could get a copy of the images you used for this? I would love to make my own box with a real metal lunch box. I really hope you get that pip boy right eventually :D.

  2. I have the texture but would need some fixing. Photoshop may help. The reason why I saw this is that if you want it life size the quality won't be as good. I'll send it to you though. Pepakura has a smoothing filter so it can make the textures look a little better. Glad ya like my blog.

  3. Hey can you also send me the files as well?
    It does not matter if the textures are... Retro...
    Thank you!

  4. I no longer have this model sense it has errors and crashes. Well the .pdo does. I can redo this though if you really want me too. I would need a test builder that can take photo of it as well.

  5. would love to take a crack at this email me at

  6. Worked hours on it today and will unfold soon:)