Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Pip-Boy 3000 Update

Started the build on this and redid size. I tried to get the size the best I could for life size so I just hope everything turns out good. Might be slightly too big but better than to small I would think. Wasted a lot of test paper on this on getting the right size and also having trouble with my printer. Not sure what it is but it always prints Fallout models really dark and muddy. So I did something I never do and I printed a .pdf of it. Turned out a little better. So keep in mind when you see the final test photo that yours will probably turn out better if you choose to build this.
it has 54 parts and 12 pages. Not that bad considering I simplified it a lot.

Monday, October 10, 2011

Pip-Boy 3000 unfold is complete

Just got the unfold done this morning and getting ready to print. hope everything goes good on the test build. The part that scares me the most in the large inside parts. Just hope it wont give me trouble. Really you dont have to include it if u dont want to. If your looking for a exact version from the game well sorry. I have done retopology as mentioned in my other posts to make less polys so its easier to build. Still tried to keep it somewhat the same.

Update: Printed it but ran out of cardstock. Need 3 more pages and Im broke. Might be a little longer now. Also the print turned out pretty dark. Not that big of deal sense Im testing the build and not the color but keep that in mind when u see the final photo of it. My printer sucks at printing Fallout textures I swear lol.