Friday, September 23, 2011

Suzanne from Blender done and released!

 ( Text copied from what I typed at Blender Artist  cus Im lazying I guess.)
This is a papercraft model I did of Suzanne because shes a cool monkey and its Blender.
I wanted to keep the model exact as I could to the model already in Blender. Only thing I edited was around the eyes sense the model needs to be a single mesh(non-manifold I think its called) for making it into paper. I then used Pepakura Designer to unfold and build with cardstock.
All the small parts and closing it off was tricky. This model took me a while to build. Main hard thing was inside of the ears. I may show photos of what I mean exactly so it can help anyone that wants to build it.
Have included different textures so u can change the color or if you like you can import your own texture over it. If you need help just ask:)
I  can make a simple version if anyone likes also. Want a different size I can do that as well. You can print from the .pdfs for get Pepakura Viewer Here for free. Any questions ask below.
Watch video of me holding Suzanne if you like above or here
Pretty much did that for fun. My digital camera kinda sucks sorry.

Download the model template Here

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Working on Batmobile

Started to do the retopolgy on the Batmobile that will soon be a papercraft:)
Update on everything else. Suzanne Blender model is almost done being test build and then I'll work on the Pip-boy.