Sunday, January 15, 2012

Maria 9mm pistol Update

Been about a year now sense I started this and after a long break from it I am starting it back up.To tell you the truth I forgot about it for a while lol. I edited it in SketchUp with not much 3d modeling skill but sense I have been addicted to Blender all that has changed. I have edited the model more and make it easier to build. Finishing up the unfold right now. There is a few spots where the texture has been stretched so wont be perfect but shouldnt be that much of a problem.As far as life size goes Im not too sure I got it exactly right but tried my best so after test build we will know. If someone wants to test build this soon that would be great. I am building something else right now so dont have the time right a way and the sooner we get someone to test build the sooner it can be released for everyone to enjoy.