Monday, October 10, 2011

Pip-Boy 3000 unfold is complete

Just got the unfold done this morning and getting ready to print. hope everything goes good on the test build. The part that scares me the most in the large inside parts. Just hope it wont give me trouble. Really you dont have to include it if u dont want to. If your looking for a exact version from the game well sorry. I have done retopology as mentioned in my other posts to make less polys so its easier to build. Still tried to keep it somewhat the same.

Update: Printed it but ran out of cardstock. Need 3 more pages and Im broke. Might be a little longer now. Also the print turned out pretty dark. Not that big of deal sense Im testing the build and not the color but keep that in mind when u see the final photo of it. My printer sucks at printing Fallout textures I swear lol.


  1. Oh, that great. Waiting for release papercraft

  2. Defiantly NOT trying to rush you, but could you PLEASE get Maria released? I REALLY want to build it! And your design seems better than any other one I've seen on the web!

  3. Glad u are liking it:)
    Just got card stock yesterday so going to test build the pipboy.
    I can get the Maria gun done. I am going to redo it though and make it better than even mine. Would you like to test build it? I dont have time to test build it right now because Im working on pipboy and a few other projects I need to finish.
    Email me at

  4. I'm really sorry that I cannot test build; I build very slowly, and I'm kind of a newbie. So I'm really not suitable for the job. Sorry!

  5. Are you done with your pipboy and i will like to build one