Thursday, February 17, 2011

Nuka-Cola Truck from Fallout

Here is the Nuka-Cola truck from Fallout. Thanks to Killabob for the test build:)

There are some small problems with this model. The tires mostly so warning to everyone about that. You can still build it and will look good.

I have worked a while on the new version of this model today with some of the errors fixed but it needs to be unfolded and I don't have time for it right now so for now this will do. Look for version 2 soon if people are interested.
Any question just ask below. Enjoy

Click here to download

Also don't forget to check the Teams site "Cut Score Fold and Glue" Here
We got lots of models and a great forum with tutorials, request and more.
I'll releasing another model hear shortly that I'm excited about also.


  1. thank you so much for this papercraft, i cannot wait to make it! I'm a sucker for anything Falout related ;)

  2. Thanks. I hope to have more added as well. Maria gun is my next fallout model and then probably the pipboy.

  3. This is awesome. Thank you for all your fallout papercrafts. Im a fallout fan, and love to see that your making these. Have you ever thought of making a Corvega papercraft? I know there are several different models, but they would all look cool as papercraft.

  4. Good idea Ill look into that.
    Working on unfolding Pipboy right now along with a few other projects.