Needs Test Builders

This is where I will be putting my models that need to be test building. Most the time they won't need any fixing for release but just incase there could be a small error or a small fix. A lot of times we just need a builder for the Teams Blog with photo. If you can take a clear photo and of course make papercrafts and want to make one of these let me know. Be the first builder of any of these models! You will get your name in the model and blog and even a link your website of your choice if you want. Email,Post here or in the forum for the model(s) you want to build.
Click on name of the model to read more that I've post at the teams blog.

Knife from Fallout 3

Chest from Zelda

Also got a larger version but I think its being tested right now.
I need to get in contact with the person working on it to make sure.

 Bee from Zelda

Ernie from Sesame Street 

Needs unfold fixing