Friday, July 1, 2011

New Release! Mega Man X8!!

Mega Man is done! WTHenry requested this at the CSFG forum so I decided to edit and unfold this model. He was the test builder also. What I did was take the higher poly version and made it low poly by using the decimate modifier and then bake the textures onto the low poly version. Then with many hours of editing and using the Boolean modifier and also merging a lot of verts one by one got it done. I know someone has already released something similar not to long ago but mine is simplified and cleaned really good. No red lines(except where there is suppose to be open edges).
Download Here


  1. can you low poly or make a darksiders 2 dead mask plz i make 1 but way to much polygrams QQ

  2. the link is dead. Can you reupload it, please ?