Saturday, June 25, 2011

New Project - Securitron from Fallout New Vegas

Working on this right now and its coming along nicely. Arms and shoulders are done so far for the most part. Made 2 versions of the claw finger things. One version is simple and the other will be harder to build but look nicer. I tried working on this model months ago but that was when I only knew how to use SketchUp and didnt know much. There will be no red lines, really clean and I am simplifying this model but not so much that it wont have detail or anything. Will be making it so u can change the screen textures also sense there is different screens. Victor for example. Hope its something that people will like. I think I'll be making the Pipboy next finally. I understand how I can fix it now by merging parts of the mesh so will be really cool.


  1. LOVE IT!!!



  2. I think Im going to make a base for it to stand on. maybe with some wasteland junk or something not sure.