Friday, June 17, 2011

Hellraiser Puzzle Box Toy

First I would like to thank TomVDJ over at The RPF for the lament configuration panels. They were very high quality.
I have been a Hellraiser fan sense I was a little kid and even though there is some bad ones out there its still awesome to watch.The first Hellraiser is the best in my opinion.
Not sure if I got the panels to match exactly like the movie but if someone figures it out let me know. I tried my best to match it by going through the whole movie and taking screencaps of every frame with the box in it. Its not that big a deal to most people though. Made the texture in Photoshop and my Photoshop skills aren't the best so sorry if it doesn't meet your standards lol. Let me now what you think or if you need any help. No the lament box doesn't have moving parts. Just a box with textures but I might be making one with moving parts like in the movies.


  1. I used the clear plastic from a DVD case if anyone is wondering. Got to use tape of course.

  2. I heard they was possibly makin a new one! Some dudes who were makin halloween 3D left it to make a new hellraiser!!! Look on future installments on the halloween franchise page on wikipedia it will probably be bad though like all the other new horror movie remakes

  3. I know everything about it:) Huge fan. You see the makeup work they did? Its not official or anything.
    Thank god I heard they arent doing a remake even though the name will be the same. They are going to make it more in hell(dimension) this time. Probably because it will be in 3D. Those are some rumors so not really sure. Sucks though cus Im sure they are doing it just to make money and not a good film. Clive barker is going to die a non happy man if he doesnt make sure to get involved.