Wednesday, January 19, 2011

A update

 Took a break for a while from papercrafting. Been learning a lot of Blender so I should be able to now edit models a lot faster and will be better.
Working on the N64 controller now. Then probably Batmobile or the Fallout Maria gun. I havn't forgoten about the pipboy either. Now that I know how to edit way better and easier using Blender I plan on starting over the pipboy. Should be easy now becuase in SketchUp I had to fill a lot of empty spaces with faces and it was hard(long story) but Blender is the way to go from now on. I may still use SketchUp sometimes for deleting certain internal faces but for the most part I'm switching to Blender.


  1. Add the Nuka Cola Truck to the site!


  2. oh wow. Just noticed its not added. Didn't it need for fixing?
    Its been so long I forgot if I fixed it and sent it to you.