Monday, November 29, 2010

N64 Controller

Something I did real quick today. Well it was quick to rip the model anyways. I made the textures myself and that took a while making and UV mapping it. Ripped this from Goldeneye when you press start in game and can see  the controller settings. Still needs fixing and "Nintendo" logo texture needs to be mirrored.


  1. Thanks:) I could get this going soon. Been doing a little of everything. That way I won't get frustrated from working on just one model. Working on the maria gun, Batmobile and this.

  2. Its backwards. Buttons are on the right.


  3. Ya lol. It was how it exported out of Metasequoia otherwise it looks fine in Blender and Meta. I gotta figure that part out. I did a flip when exporting I think that was the reason.

  4. Update: Got the editing done. Fixed everything so its not backwards also.
    Now I need some input on this. I was thinking of making a lifesize version but I think a guild version might be cooler. What does everyone think. Maybe I'll do both who knows. Going to check how it unfolds in Pepakura.