Tuesday, November 30, 2010

N64 Controller Progress

Took a while but here is what I got so far. Fixed the texture and other fixes. Glad I know more about UV mapping:) Had to rebuild parts of the C-buttons to make it a little easier to build. Theres some red lines that I believe are hidden lines I couldn't delete within SketchUp. Not all though I could delete some. No big deal but kinda annoying. Anyone know how to delete hidden lines that won't let me please let me know.
I am making this big and not lifesize. The reason is I think it would be cool looking to have a giant N64 controller to look at. Not too big though. Got it at 9 inches wide. I think that should be big enough. Got to do the unfold fixing and test build next.

Quick Update: I think I include a bunch of different colors as well.


  1. hey the more i think about this, i would like to do this as a giant carboard art peice, is there anyway that i could get a copy of the layouts for the geometery. some of them are downloadable but i couldnt find a good one for the N64 controller, it will be so helpful and i would site your work on my art.


  2. There is a few problems with this that need to be done and I havn't finished the test build. I've gotten way better at 3D modeling sense then and am almost considering making better changes and starting over. I can send you the files anyway if u give me your email address. Up to you.

  3. this would work for me, and i would really appreciate it. mrpotter019@aol.com

  4. I'll send it to you soon. U might be disappointed though. There is some big fixes that need to be done I found out today that I know I can do easily now that I know what I'm doing and redo this but can't find my texture file to edit. Might be on my other PC but its down for a while till I get a new power supply. I'll see what I can do.