Monday, September 13, 2010

Garden Gnome is done! In the process of test building.

So got this done finally. I ended up making this too small when printing so I had to make it bigger otherwise the small peaces on his face would be pretty hard. Its 11 pages to print and I got it printed. Not sure whats wrong with my printer but greys have been coming out blueish and his flesh came out with lines through it but isn't that big of a deal. Shouldn't look too bad though. Going to work on it right now.


  1. Imagine this. . . .

    Making this guy and putting LEDs in his eyes.
    Then, put him in your little brother/sister's room at night, and turn on the LEDs and make scary noises.


  2. Good diea but I won't be doing that lol

  3. He looks awesome! I always had a thing for the Gnome in Fallout 3. I even decorated my place with the semi-destoryed ones (and the teddy bears :D). I can't wait till it's done :D

  4. Thanks. I got the head done. It was way to hard. Now that I know more about Blender I almost want to redo it and use the poly reducer so his face isn't so hard to make. That or do a very hard and a easier version. Not sure yet though.