Sunday, September 12, 2010

Garden Gnome - Fallout 3

Ripped this from Fallout 3. Fixing it up right now. Shouldn't take too long to fix it up/clean the insides.
Stopped work on the Pip-boy 3000 for now. Its really complex and am taking another break from it for now. Probably going back and forth from something new then work on pip-boy some more. Hope to have this Gnome released soon though.
Oh I havn't forgot about the hoverboard jsut not sure when I'll be working on it:) Can't decide if I want to make it easy or I should popout all the parts on the hoverboard and make it more complex.


  1. lol yup. This object means nothing really in Fallout but I thought it would be cool to make. Working with it in pepakura right now. Should have it ready to print by tomorrow.

  2. omg!!!!!dude that is awesome id love to build this Gnome so cool