Thursday, March 17, 2011

Fallout 3/New Vegas - Lunchbox COMING SOON!

UPDATE: I have edited this model again and made a simple version of it as well. So might just release a advanced version with all movable parts and a simpler version that isnt as good looking but still a nice model. I have made it so the latch and handle are mainly sheet of paper and not have to build each part.

Someone wanted to build this and I though that will be easy to edit and then unfold to be test build but man was I wrong. The reason is because I had to adjust the mesh and make my own parts because I want this to have moving parts and be able to open. Took a few hours of work believe it or not and my hands do hurt right now so will unfold later on lol. Hopefully the parts will move all fine but its not for sure till it is test build. Will have to think about how you put this together sense some parts wrap around others and are then closed off. Pretty much if you were to make a chain.


  1. I have printed this and am building it soon:)

  2. hi im new and a massive noob. this might be a ridiculous question but how do you download the template